Industrial Grade Routers – Vital For Business?

Escolastico Balderas
April 17, 2018 0 Comment

In this day and age industrial grade routers are an absolute essential for a seamless day to day operation whether it be a huge corporate bank, telecommunications center or even a doughnut shop with an operating system for food selection which requires a reliable and steady broadband connection. Routers of such caliber are not easy to find and not finding the optimum one for your business can have a negative impact on your operation and services.

You want to give your customers the best
You do not want especially if you are a service-based business to see your customers complaining that your Wi-Fi is slow or not connecting properly to their devices. In this day where the internet and electronics reign supreme everyone wants a good connection whether it be for work or leisure. This has been a major problem in 5-star hotels in modern times. Angry guests complaining about the poor internet connection you have are not easy to console or handle. In the telecommunication industry a fast and effective secure VPN gateway is an absolute must. A robustel r2000 router would be just what the doctor ordered. Routers like the example given are the foundation of your network so as a business owner you better not comprise on efficiency and quality.

Essential features in an industrial grade router
Most good quality routers for business purposes would come with extra USB ports with sharing capabilities, connect to your USB printer with ease or even an external drive if you have one. Routers like the r2000 router iot come with two Ethernet ports to add that extra value to your business and also has its own management system for Ethernet wan. This router also offers dual sim technology and is vital especially in the telecommunications industry for that seamless connection between networks you look for.

Internet security
You want to give your customers and business the best level of internet security possible. With malware, internet scams and the invasion of private data on an all-time high in recent times it goes without saying that not having safeguarded networks can have disastrous effects on your business and its reputation. High-end business routers come with value additional security features like unified threat management (utm). Such features on your router would detect malware even before it penetrates your network so this could essentially serve as a second wall in terms of internet security and keep your data safe and secure. Utm can also have detection features and detect unwanted software and spam emails, would be quite an asset to your business!